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Corn-Free Diet ~ Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Childrens Healtcare of Atlanta LogoIf you are familiar with what it means to have a Corn Allergy, you know how difficult it is to explain to others the many places corn is used in the Standard American Diet.

The Corn Free diet carries with it an enormous learning curve that includes months of devoted research, reaching out to others on forums and message boards, and making enormous lifestyle changes. All in effort to stop the frequency of which we accidentally poison ourselves with our allergen on a daily basis.

Do you ever wish you had a handy dandy tip sheet to provide family and friends? Something to make the explanation and discussions go a little easier?

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta provides the best introduction to the Corn-Free diet of any I have ever seen. In three short pages you are provided; examples of items on a food label that contain corn (i.e. powdered sugar), suggested substitutions for items that contain corn (i.e. what to use instead of baking powder – which contains corn, and is included in their first list), and last but not least, a pretty inclusive food table. The food table, “What foods can my child eat?” addresses Foods Allowed, Foods to Avoid, and at a glance provides everyone in your life a two month jump on the learning curve of how to reduce our interaction with corn in our diet.

This Corn-Free tip sheet (PDF) is a must have. Download it, save it, send it to your immediate family. Know of someone who was recently diagnosed with a Corn Allergy? Send them this tip sheet, it will allow them to regain their health much faster.

*Note: like any and all other Corn Free and Corn Allergy documentation, it is not all-inclusive, but it's a great start!

Special thanks to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta for providing this amazing resource!

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