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Corn Allergy: Where to Begin

If you suspect you may be allergic to corn, there are several things you can do right away to see if your changes make a difference.

  • Keep a Food Diary - Future posts will include food diary tips and tricks 
  • Include a Symptom Tracker in your Food Diary
  • Read Labels
  • Get Allergy Testing

Food Allergy testing is not 100% accurate, and in fact, doctors will often tell you if there is conflicting results between your allergy testing, and your food diary results - to go with your experience over the results.

Some doctors say the blood tests are more accurate than the skin prick tests, some doctors say the reverse. When I had allergy testing done I had a wide range of tests that did not include corn! Be sure to find out before the testing is done, exactly what will be tested so you will not have to go through any procedures more than once. 

And as always, use your best judgement. 

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