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Dear Beekeeper, Are Your Honey Bees Corn-Free?

Honey Bee As addressed in a previous post, corn syrup is commonly fed to bees as supplemental feeding to help them live through the winter. Although Agave is a decent alternative to honey on occasion, I must admit, I prefer honey!

Bees by nature are corn-free creatures, and their honey and beeswax would be corn-free if they were left to their natural devices. I have spoken to beekeepers in my local area and have struck out where it comes to finding corn-free bees. However, I recently learned about a very cool group of people known as the Backwards Beekeepers (based in Los Angeles, California) who are interested in keeping bees – the natural way.

Out of hope for more people and groups like the Backwards Beekeepers, I’d like to put out a Call to Action, as I search for Corn-Free Honey, and Corn-Free Beeswax.

If you are a beekeeper who practices similar beekeeping methods to those of the Backwards Beekeepers (including healthy supplemental feeding), I want to connect! Specifically, I would like to know if you sell Corn-Free Honey and/or Beeswax. Do you sell in your local area, and, are you up to selling to areas that would require shipment?

As a beekeeper who sells Corn-Free Honey, or Corn-Free Beeswax, I will open the opportunity to list your business on The Corn-Free Guide. Many people like myself would like to know about you, and may be interested in buying – but we need help locating your corn-free goods!

To be listed in the Corn-Free Guide, please contact me and include the information below.
* Name:
* Email Address:
* Business Name:
* City, State:
* Willing to ship outside your local area, within the US? (yes/no):
* Business site or blog URL:
* Do you ever feed your bees corn syrup? (yes/no):
If you contact me with the above information, I will be in touch with you prior to listing your business in The Guide.

And to those of you brave enough to practice Urban Beekeeping - I am in awe! Thank you for all the work that you are doing to provide bees with a natural safe habitat!

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  1. I recently contacted Fain's Honey Co. a local honey producer and they got back to me very quickly :)

    "Nicole, we rarely feed anything . We leave enough of their own honey on them in the fall to make it through till spring. If they do not have enough we take from other hives that have extra. If any of the bees are starving in the early spring and the other hives do not have extra then we will feed them enough sugar syrup to get by, but we have not had to do that in several years.
    Keith Fain"

    They are located in Texas but you can order from their website if you can't find their products at your local grocery store. Hope this helps :)


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