Are you looking for the Master List of Ingredients to Avoid? It can be found here:

Corn Allergy Wallet Cards ~ Now Available for Download

Corn Wallet Card Would you like a Wallet Card containing a list of ingredients commonly derived from corn?

Many of you are probably familiar with "the list" and you know it's long, and difficult to memorize when you are new to the Corn Allergy Community.

In addition to using this card while you shop and read labels, consider carrying this card as part of your Medical Alert program. If you wear a bracelet, a note of "See Wallet Card" should be sufficient.

Corn Wallet Card Warnings
The inside of the card contains the most common ingredients derived from corn, but, it does not contain all of them. After agonizing over trying to fit all of the ingredients I know on a single wallet-sized piece of paper, this is what I will be using.

Corn Wallet Card Ingredients
The card is available as a free download, within Google Docs (PDF Format). The Google Docs web address for this document is unbearably long, so you can access it using this short link:

Print the file, fold on the center line, trim the edges, and fold in half again. You will now have a handy dandy list the size of a traditional business card!


  1. You are awesome Sharon! Keep up the good work and continue fighting the good fight! Your friend, Jessica

  2. I posted a link to the petition on my Twitter feed, and asked people to retweet it. I'm hoping that if that law gets passed, then more people will STOP putting Corn in Everything! I'm also hoping more Organic Farmers can keep their Vegetables and Fruit from cross contamination with Corn and Corn derivatives. (@AlergkVegtarian)

    -I can eat Corn, but because I can't have Mustard family, Cinnamon, and other foods most people don't react too, I understand how hard a Corn Allergy can be. Chicken feathers can be used in computers (the board inside). I'm very allergic.
    Best Wishes!

  3. Nice card, thanks I guess I have been in a fog this has been up since November! :-)


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